Alert Bar WPF UserControl

This is a WPF usercontrol for displaying user updates through an alert bar. There are four types of alerts: success, danger, warning or information. The color scheme and icons for each are based on the type.

The usercontrol only takes up space whenever a message is being shown, otherwise sits at a collapsed state. A close button is included to dismiss the alert. It also has an option to auto-close after a set amount of seconds.


In the xaml you must reference the namespace to add the usercontrol:

Using this reference place the control on the form. I typically position this above any other controls:
An optional IconVisibility parameter to remove icons from all alert messages. There is also a Theme parameter to adjust the look of the bar:

Code Behind

To make use of the control we trigger it in the xaml.cs. Here are some examples:


A nuget exists for this usercontrol. It can be installed within Visual Studio. Download the archive.
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