Balloon Tip Alternative in Xamarin.Mac

In Windows, a system tray application can popup a message for the user above the icon without interaction. This is commonly referred to as a balloon tip notification or a balloon tooltip. NSUserNotification exampleThis kind of functionality seems to be absent from Mac. Not only that, if you did accomplish something similar it would be unconventional. When making applications on different platforms you must decide what features should be identical and what should be comparable. In Mac the equivalent effect is a NSUserNotification. The messages slides out from the top-right of the screen, not from underneath an icon. This class was introduced in OSX v10.8, so if you must support older systems then look into the Growl framework.

The below example shows how it is done. The message is formed, events handlers are set and the notification is shown:
I experienced trouble at first getting this to work. But my error had nothing to do with the code. I was using VNC on my Windows machine to interact with a Mac laptop. The Mac lid was closed. It wasn’t till I opened the lid that the notifications started appearing. Notification settings can be tweaked in System Preferences under Notifications